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Decatur Couple Gets Engaged During COVID

By May 28, 2020December 10th, 2020No Comments

Popping the Question During COVID

Meet Kyle and Veronica

We’ve been best friends for a few years now! Our families have always known of each other, and we reunited a few years ago at Buffalo Wild Wings. After we ran into each other he messaged me and asked me to grab dinner with him- with no hesitation, I agreed. We had a wonderful time on our first date- downtown Decatur at a local restaurant where we enjoyed each other’s company and laughter for hours! The rest is pretty much history!

What was the Proposal Like?

The proposal was intimate and just the two of us! I couldn’t picture a more perfect moment! He had a portrait with beautiful words designed for me wrapped up in bright pink (my favorite color) wrapping paper. He asked me to unwrap it and read it aloud. I did and then a second in time passes and he grabs my hands and stands me up- I immediately couldn’t believe what was about to happen! He knelt down on one knee with tears in his eyes, a huge smile and hands shaking profusely and asked me to marry him! I immediately said yes with no hesitation! The moment was perfect!

Tell Us Your Original Proposal Plan

The original plan was for him and I to go to Arpeggio winery and have one of my sisters, Carissa, nearby recording the proposal! He planned for our family and all of our friends to be downtown at Taproot- where he rented the top area for all of us to celebrate! I would be surprised when I walked in as he was only telling me he had reserved dinner plans for just us two. As he was telling me this, I started to cry imagining how much he planned and how many details he created and all just for me!

When did you decide to have a COVID Proposal?

Kyle decided to propose in April and then we were all quarantined. It was unfortunate that we were and still haven’t been able to celebrate this magical moment with our family and friends, however we know we will be able to very soon!

How did you feel about having to change proposal plans?

Well it was a bummer that we weren’t able to go through with it but I wasn’t going to let it stop me from asking you to marry me, and that we will always be able to celebrate it with everyone.

Are you going to start wedding planning right away?

Yes we are!! We already have talked about what we both picture for our wedding day, and how we can’t wait to embark upon this exciting new journey together!!

Are you going to celebrate your engagement once the Illinois-stay-at-home order has been lifted?

Yesss!!! We plan to be surrounded by all of our family and friends where we plan to enjoy each moment with him as my fiancé and me as his! We’re blessed beyond measures to be surrounded by so many people who love and support us as not only individuals, but as a couple!

What advice would you give someone who is having to change their proposal plan due to COVID-19?

Never let unprecedented and unusual times stop you from pursuing what you from going after what you want! Life has a funny way of always working out better than you could’ve planned or imagined! Cheers to all the quarantined and newly engaged couples!