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Taylorville Couple Gets Engaged During COVID

By May 28, 2020December 10th, 2020No Comments

Popping the Question During COVID

Meet Shane and Tiffany

We met in 2017 online and hit it off instantly, we dated for 3 months then ended our relationship; it was bad timing. Then we rekindled our relationship in January 2019 and we hit it off again and started dating again in February and got engaged in March.

What was the Proposal Like?

Shane actually Proposed at his house.  I was sitting there and he just got home from work and we went in the other room and we sat down and he said “ If I proposed to you right now would you say yes?” and of course I was like well yeah!  Then he got up and grabbed something from his pocket and I said oh wow is this really happening. He was like yes I can’t wait any longer for this.  I’m so ready for it now! Even though it’s not the way he wanted to ask me it was still romantic and sweet.

Tell Us Your Original Proposal Plan

Shane wanted to have a romantic fire and have dinner or propose on the beach in Gulf Shores when we were suppose to go in June.

When did you decide to have a COVID Proposal?

Shane knew he wanted to propose to me soon and with everything being shut down he wasn’t for sure when he was going to be able to do it he said he couldn’t wait much longer!

Shane and Tiffany COVID Engaged

How did you feel about having to change proposal plans?

It was disappointing I would of liked a romantic proposal but it didn’t matter how he did it because I wanted to be engaged to him just as much as he wanted to with me.

Are you going to start wedding planning right away?

When everything starts to open back up we are for sure going to start planning. We have some things picked out but of course can’t do anything about it right now

Are you going to celebrate your engagement once the Illinois-stay-at-home order has been lifted?

We planned on having an engagement party with friends and family. Not for sure the details on that yet.

What advice would you give someone who is having to change their proposal plan due to COVID-19?

Try to be positive like we are doing and just know that this hopefully won’t last forever and we will all be able to plan our special day!